Monte Rosa’s focus is to help clients achieve their revenue growth faster. In many respects accomplishing this goal is like climbing a mountain – every ascent is different and every climber faces unique challenges.

Accordingly we create a distinctive approach for each client in helping them realise their revenue goals.


We design and deliver the full spectrum of training needs: from 60-minute “bite-sized” learnings to two-day learning events. Hot topics are currently:

  • How clients think: what is going on in the client’s mind that helps and hinders your sales approach? How can you overcome these prejudices / biases to aid your chances of success?
  • How clients buy: the predictable phases clients go through when making purchasing decisions and what this means for you
  • Insight Selling: how you can create more value for your clients in every interaction
  • Storytelling: how to use stories to better engage your clients and showcase your experience without talking about yourself
  • Winning with Procurement: understanding what drives procurement teams and strategies for building more strategic relationships that create value for you and the client

Coaching / Training Hybrid

Whilst training equips teams with new theories, frameworks and skills, we often see quicker results with the addition of coaching. Clients can opt for shorter training workshops followed by 1:1 or 1:small group coaching sessions to focus on applying and practicing the skills learned in a real-world scenario. In essence, coaching allows you to move from role-play to real-play. Coaching sessions address an individual’s needs and often focus on discussing and rehearsing for an up-coming sales meeting.


Stand-alone coaching can enhance performance in many instances, including:

  • Presentation coaching – helping professionals deal with nerves to deliver high impact presentations
  • Prioritising sales / BD efforts – helping professionals focus their sales efforts in the right areas
  • Breaking down the emotional resistance that comes with “selling”

Sales Conferences / Partner Conferences

We are often engaged by clients to present at their conferences on the topic of sales / business development or we take a broader role and facilitate the whole event, working with leadership teams to create a high impact agenda which is delivered in an interactive and experiential manner.