Watching the British Open golf tournament, I was reminded of Adam Scott victory at the US Masters earlier in the year. Quite an achievement, so I’m told.

What’s most remarkable about Adam Scott’s story is the many dark days he had to overcome before he triumphed.

this time last year he blew a four-shot lead, with four holes remaining, to lose the British Open.  Losing from an un-loseable position on the world’s biggest stage would be enough to ruin the careers of lesser people, but not Mr Scott.  He handled defeat with grace, took stock of his position and came back better in 2013.

Whether you like sport or not this is a great metaphor for our sales and BD efforts.  Everybody loses big deals at some point.  Sometimes we are beaten by better competitors and on other occasions we lose for unfair reasons outside of our control.  Adam’s story gives us hope that tomorrow can be better than today.  So learn from every defeat keeping in mind that we are one step closer to victory.

As the saying goes: It’s not whether you’ll get knocked down but whether you’re going to get back up again.  At least when we get beaten it’s not on TV in front of millions of people!

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