Skill in a Box

Skill in a Box enables professional service firms to “insource” their own one-hour BD training sessions.  Monte Rosa provides the content and the support resources to enable you to deliver effective BD workshops with very limited preparation.  Previous experience in sales training and facilitation is not necessary as we’ve already done the “heavy lifting” for you.

Skill in a Box modules are created specifically for professional services firms and are closely based on the training programs successfully run by Monte Rosa. The modules have been developed for use either as a replacement to, or in conjunction with, externally-facilitated training sessions.

For more information please visit the Skill in a Box website

What do you get?

PowerPoint slides

All content has been developed and formatted on PowerPoint
Each slide includes detailed notes (viewed through “Note Page”)
Customisation of material through logos, reformatting and firm-specific examples



Presenter Cards

Designed to be used as a ready reference during the workshop
Used like notes in a “Wedding toast”
Includes content recommendations alongside presentation “tips and techniques”



Reinforcement mind maps

One-page summaries of key concepts covered in the workshop

Provided to participants either during, or following, the workshop


What topics do you cover?











What does it cost?

Each module is $3,500 AUD plus GST