Clients and Industries

We are privileged to work with many fabulous organisations such as Google, Spotify, Fujitsu, Ernst & Young and many leading law firms. Much of our work is predominantly done in three markets:

  • Professional services – law, accounting, engineering and consulting
  • Technology – innovative IT and e-commerce companies looking to disrupt their market
  • Media and advertising – helping organisations grow their share of advertising wallet

Across these segments our clients typically sell their services and products in a business-to-business context. They frequently confront long sales cycles, heavy competition, commoditisation and price competition alongside a complex array of decision makers and decision criteria.


Working with non-traditional salespeople

Monte Rosa maintains a specific expertise working with teams who are unaccustomed to seeing themselves as “salespeople”. Such groups often intellectually understand the need for growth but remain challenged by out dated, and sometimes irrational, concepts of what professional selling looks like.

We are skilled at breaking down any emotional resistance these teams may have to sales. Our approach addresses these issues by replacing participants’ concern with new models and skills that preserve their professional image whilst increasing their ability to grow revenue and business.